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Vulture Festival – Day 1

The cast of Riverdale was at Vulture Festival this past Saturday, where they spoke about the show! Thanks to my friend Maria from i’ve added photos from the festival to our gallery along with one portrait!

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KJ Apa for New York Moves Spring Issue

KJ Apa and his Riverdale co-star Camila Mendes are featured on the Spring issue of New York Moves and it’s fair to say that KJ looks amazing in the photoshoot and we cannot wait for more outtakes from it! The two outtakes have been added to our gallery, along with scans from the issue. A big thank you to my friend Lauren from for the scans!

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“Riverdale” Behind The Scenes Photos + Snapshots

Hello Riverdale fans! As you must know, Cole Sprouse was recently on reddit for a fun Q&A and to our surprise he ended up releasing a couple of photos from the set of Riverdale (mostly taken by him), along with some others. We’ve added to our gallery all photos released that feature KJ!

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Gallery Additions: “Riverdale” Cast in Mexico City

Our gallery has been updated with more photos from the Riverdale cast promoting the show in Mexico City! We also thank the photographer Roberto Sanchez for some of the photos, as they look amazing!

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The ‘Riverdale’ Cast Went Full ‘Gossip Girl’ for This Photoshoot


Every week on Riverdale, we hope to get one step closer to finding out who murdered Jason Blossom. But before we get to the bottom of the small town’s biggest mystery, it seems we’re always thrown another twist or surprise. Plenty has happened so far during the suspenseful first season: we’ve watched Archie and his teacher Ms. Grundy fall into a very illegal relationship — only for her to eventually depart; witnessed Veronica fall into some family drama with her mother; and felt our hearts break for Jughead as he navigates school, friends, and a pretty terrible home life. There’s been plenty more happening in the supposedly quiet town of Riverdale, and we just simply can’t stop get enough of the CW show.

What’s also been great to see is just how much the cast totally loves hanging out with one another. KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse who play Archie and Jughead respectively are total bromance goals. There’s even speculation that Jughead and Betty are dating IRL. And they all have some pretty strong feelings about who actually killed Jason Blossom.

It’s always a little unclear exactly what will happen next on Riverdale, and we’re excited to see how the mystery gets wrapped up (and the possibility of zombies in the show’s second season). In the meantime, it looks like the show’s cast paid homage to another CW classic: Gossip Girl. Teen Vogue received some glamorous photos of the actors, giving their best Manhattanite eleganza. They’ve gone from Riverdale and straight to the Upper East Side. And most importantly, this most definitely makes Jughead the show’s Gossip Girl considering all his snooping and voiceovers, right?


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KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse attend SXSW

Our favorite Riverdale boys, KJ and Cole Sprouse are this weekend at SXSW representing The CW and we advice you all to follow Riverdale’s official instagram account and check out its story as the boys are showing us how they’re spending the weekend (and it’s hilarious). We’ve added to the gallery photos from two events they attended yesterday, along with one polaroid of KJ taken at Buzzfeed’s photo studio and social network photos from the festival!

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