Hey KJ fans! I apologize for the delay on the news– This week has been quite complicated to update. However, i bring you this post with all videos posted of KJ at MCM London Comic Con, where he appears to have lots of fun at! Along with videos, we have added one photo from the panel thanks to (you will also find a snipped from their review bellow on the panel).

001.jpg Apa, wearing a shirt given to him by a fan at MCM, charmed the socks off the audience. The show is young (it only first began airing in January), but has already gained a dedicated audience.

Though things were easy straight off the bat for Apa. Being a New Zealander, he had to adjust to his new surroundings in America. Apa said that he needed to stop using certain Kiwi terms that his American counter-parts wouldn’t know, and said that it took the cast a little while to get their chemistry working. Thankfully they pulled it off well.

The 19-year-old actor showed plenty of affection for his television father, Luke Perry. Apa said that Perry was the one actor that he got on best with (name Jugheard actor Cole Sprouse as the second). That special relationship lead to some great acting experiences for Apa.

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The Riverdale stars reveal how they found out about the stunning final scene of the season finale, and what it means for season 2.

Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa finish each other’s sentences. It’s nonstop. And while that sounds like it might make interviewing the two stars of CW’s hit show Riverdale difficult, the fact of the matter is, their camaraderie is downright adorable.

It’s also a far cry from the dynamic they share as Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones, two of the leads on the show based on the Archie comics gone neo-noir. Throughout the first season of the show, they’ve worked on rebuilding a friendship that was splintered in the not-so-distant past. The exact reason why is still a little murky — and perhaps will be explored further in season two — and though the two high schoolers become roommates at one point during the show’s first season, there’s still a lot about which they don’t see eye to eye.

Not so for Cole and KJ, who spent a recent afternoon making each other laugh with endearing compliments that fans had sent them on social media, but might as well have been written by each other. And while they can’t reveal a lot about the show’s second season, they agree on one aspect they hope to see more of: BFFs Archie and Jughead being, well, BFFs.

“We didn’t really get to see too much Archie and Jughead this season,” Cole tells Teen Vogue. “I’d like to see a little but more of that because that’s the classic narrative from the comics.”

KJ agrees, noting that “in order to portray these characters as best mates, you need to see them together being best mates. You didn’t get to really to see that in season one.”

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Are Riverdale‘s Archie and Jughead BFFs IRL? We put KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse’s bromance to the test.

Welcome to 60 Seconds With… where you get to know your favorite actors/musicians and the points don’t matter! Without further ado, please welcome, actors Luke Perry & KJ Apa.

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