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“Riverdale” Cast at WonderCon

As you guys know, the Riverdale cast was yesterday at WonderCon to promote the television show! We were yesterday covering the event on twitter (if you don’t follow us, make sure to!) in which we got to learn a bit more of what’s to come. I’ve added to the gallery photos from the event and bellow, you’ll find a recap of the panel along with some interviews that have been released of KJ so far. All candids belong to their owners, we do not take credit for them.

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  • On if he’s dogged by swooning fans, KJ said that “Nah, it’s not too bad. We only just got started. It gets gnarly sometimes, but it’s usually chill.”
  • KJ spoke about working with Luke Perry, to him it’s a “real privilege” and he has learn a lot from Luke.
  • KJ confirmed that Cole had jumped on his Twitter while he was live-tweeting the newest episode of Riverdale (there are some tweets of selfies taken by Cole, if you guys haven’t seen!)
  • Ashleigh and KJ haven’t worked together much yet, to which Ashleigh replied with “That’s because you’re [KJ] not ready for it.”
  • It has been teased that there may be some connectivity between Archie’s mom and the Blossoms.
  • An upcoming episode centers around Jughead’s birthday where they throw an epic house party– It’s also KJ’s favorite episode from the show.
  • Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that when they pitched the show the premise was that it wouldn’t be the Archie/Betty/Veronica love triangle, it would be, “Archie and his two best friends, his male best friend Jughead, and his female best friend, Betty.”
  • About Cole and KJ’s real life friendship, Cole says that they need to stop calling it a “bromance” as it’s a “romance” and that KJ told him a secret “He told me a secret about himself that was so punishing.”
  • The cast was asked about what they would want their quote to be in the year book. KJ said that Archie’s would be “You can’t handle me at your worst”. Lili Reinhart also joked about Archie’s quote, saying it should be “I like music AND football.”
  • Betty or Veronica? KJ picked Veronica.
  • Lili spoke about reading with KJ during auditions, “I read with you, and i was like ‘Damn’.”
  • Everyone thought KJ was going to be a douche when they first met him because of his instagram workout pictures.
  • KJ wants Archie to settle down with a relationship, plus have more Jughead time to which Ashleigh jumped in by saying that “Maybe you should make out with him. You’re making out with everybody else.”

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