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Comic Con International – Day 3

Following up yesterday’s post, where we caught up to date with Riverdale before the casts appearance at Comic Con International (also known as San Diego Comic Con), i bring to you the post all about yesterday where the cast promoted the show at the convention. Do not forget that their Comic Con only ends today, as the cast is scheduled to sign autographs at 11PM on Archie Booth 1829. I’ve added to the gallery all photos so far released, as i’m sure more will get released along the day mostly panel pictures, and bellow you’ll find all the information gathered yesterday plus interviews bellow the cut! A big thank you to my friend Steph, don’t forget to check out her site dedicated to Madelaine Petsch, Riverdale’s Cheryl Blossom!

  • KJ revealed that Archie writes a song about his romance with Ms. Grundy in the pilot.
  • Riverdale will be doing a big Halloween episode similar to Afterlife With Archie.
  • KJ confirms Sabrina will appear in the season finale, the same episode where he’ll finally decide between Betty and Veronica.
  • Riverdale panelists describing the vibe of the show as a “teenage Twin Peaks”.
  • They started casting Riverdale 6 months in advance. They wanted to fill the “iconic shoes” correctly.
  • KJ said he dyed his hair several times while shooting the pilot of Riverdale.
  • The murder of Jason Blossom will be solved by the end of season one!
  • When asked if KJ Apa was Team Betty or Team Veronica, he said that he was Team Jughead.
  • Showrunners teased most of the cast of Riverdale will be involved with each other at some point.
  • Showrunner said they wanted a “Teen Twin Peaks” vibe of the show.
  • Midge Klump will appear in episode 2.

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(Video) Cast of Riverdale on People’s Snapchat

The cast of Riverdale were today on People’s snapchat account, where they revealed who their first crushes were! Down bellow, you can watch the revelations from the cast (you’d never guess who KJ’s first crush was!) plus screencaptures were added to the gallery. Enjoy!

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